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Digital Multimeters/Standard type

New Standard
Capacitance and Frequency measuremen
■3-3/4 digits 4000 count
■Easy to read large LCD
■Thermo plastic elastomer, high resistance against drop shock
■Safety cap on current terminal
■Data hold, Range hold, Relative function
■Continuity check, Diode test
■Auto power off function (30min.)

Display : numeral display 4000
Sampling rate : 3 times / sec.
AC frequency bandwidth : 40〜400Hz (sine wave)
Clamp probe : CL-22AD, CL33DC, CL3000
Carrying case : C-77, C-77H
Adapter : CL-13a, CL-14, CL-15a, CL-DG3a, TL-9IC, TL-A4, TL-A7M, TL-A7M2
Test lead : TL-21M, TLF-120