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PC Link 7

PC Link 7

PC Link Software/PC Link software

For easier operation, higher visibility, and... Furbished GUI.
Enhanced new features such as separated graphs, user restrictions, and etc.
Max 8 channels to the PC connection at the same time.
The PC Link system is the software dedicated to a PC for retrieving data outputted from a SANWA digital multimeter (PC series). The operation screen displays graphs in real time to allow you to check changes in measured values (voltage, current, etc.) with ease. Measured data can be saved on a CSV file, so it is easily processed on Excel. The ease of use in a variety of applications from data retrieval, processing and analysis results in its extensive acceptance for business, education and personal use.

Applicable Model
PC7000, PC720M, PC710, PC700, PC773, PC20, PC20TK

●Automatically detects a port connected with a digital multimeter.
●No additional driver installation required with Windows standard USB drivers.
●The retrieval interval can be set by seconds. The shortest reading interval of 0.2 – 0.3 seconds depending on the digital multimeter measuring function.
●Allows setting for vertical/horizontal zoom, reading at the cursor position, and Y axis split while retrieving data.
●Allows automatic retrieval by schedule setting.
●Allows data saving into CSV files and sending e-mails of alert information with alarm setting.
●Allows data saving into CSV files with the date and time appended.
●Multi-window, separated graphs by each channel
●Allows automatic e-mail of measurement data.
●Allows limited operations depending on the user with usage restriction function.
●Allows conditional recording by event function.

■Applicable models
Software Version Support OS Applicable Model
PC Link7 1.00, 1.10, 1.11 Windows XP
PC773, PC720M, PC700, PC710
1.20,1.30 Windows XP
PC773, PC720M, PC700, PC710, PC7000, PC20, PC20TK
1.31, 1.32, 1.33, 1.34, 1.35 Windows XP
PC773, PC720M, PC700, PC710, PC7000, PC20, PC20TK
All of above versions DO NOT work with Windows Vista.
.NET Framework 3.5 included with Windows10 must be turned on before you
install PC Link7 on Windows10.
To turn .NET Framework 3.5 on : Click Control Panel, click Programs,
click Turn Windows features on or off, and then select its check box.

■Applicable cable type
Models Cable
USB type Serial type
PC20, PC20TK KB-USB20 -
PC773 KB-USB773 -
PC720M, PC700, PC710, PC7000 KB-USB7 -


.NET Framework 3.5 is needed when youinstall PC Link7 on Windows10.

How to turn .NET Framework 3.5 on :
Click Control Panel, click Programs,click Turn Windows features on or off, and then select its check box.

■PC Link 7 latest version
PC Link 7(32bit) updater Ver1.43(5.43MB)
PC Link 7(64bit) updater Ver1.43(5.45MB)
PC Link 7(32bit) updater Ver.1.43(5.43MB)
PC Link 7(64bit) updater Ver.1.43(5.45MB)
Note: When upgrading the version which is before Ver.1.41, the setting of PC Link7will
return to the factory default setting.
To use the current setting: finding thecurrent setting file (PCLink7_config) at folder (C¥Program Files¥SANWA¥PCLink7),copy this(PCLink7_config) file to My Document PCLink7 folder.

You can update your PC Link 7 to the latest version if the following version has been
installed on your PC.

Version1.00 (PC Link 7(32bit) only)
Version1.10 (PC Link 7(32bit) only)
Version1.11 (PC Link 7(32bit) only)
Version 1.40
Version 1.41

■PC Link 7 trial version(Limited function. The following trial versions operate with Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10.)
PC Link 7(32bit) trial (5.43MB)
PC Link 7(64bit) trial (5.45MB)

Specifications and functions are limited as follows :

1. To open and save the measuring data
2. To open and save the graph
3. To print graph
4. To use virtual display
5. Data acquisition (1000 points only)
6. Connection with DMM (1 unit only)

Full version has no limit listed above.
Please uninstall the trial version manually beforeinstalling the full version.