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Analog Multitesters




Capacitance measurement function with built-in transistor oscillator

Made in JAPAN

  • Variety of measurement functions by using 26-contact switch
  • Capacitance measurement from 50pF to 2000μF
  • High input resistance 50kΩ/V (each range of DC3 to 300V)
  • DC polarity switchable


Function Measuring range Tolerance
DCV 120m(4kΩ)/3/12/30/120 300(50kΩ/V)/1000V(15kΩ/V) 120m:±4% ±2.5% of full scale
ACV 3/12/30/120/300/750V(8kΩ/V) ±3% of full scale
(3/12V:±4% of full scale)
DCV 30μ/0.3m/3m/30m/0.3A ±2.5% of full scale
(30μ/0.3mA:±3% of full scale)
Resistance 5k/50k/500k/5M/50MΩ Within ±3% of arc
Capacitance C1:50p~0.2μF C2:0.01μ~20μF
C1/C2: ±6% of arc
C3: Approximate value
DC current gain hFE Transistor hFE: 0 to 1000 Approximate value
Frequency characteristic AC12V range or lower 40Hz to 30kHz, AC30V range 40Hz to 10 kHz: frequency response within ±3%
Battery R6P(AA battery)1.5Vx2, 6F22(9V manganese battery)x1
Built-in fuse F1176 Φ5x20mm 0.5A/250 V 1.5kA Ceramic fuse
Size/Mass H165×W106×D46mm/Approx. 370g

※The value in ( )at DCV and ACV is input resistance