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	Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.	Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.

Analog Multitesters

Safe design for high-power circuit measurement



Employs current-limiting fuse with 100kA of breaking current

Made in JAPAN

  • Tester for maintenance and management for electrical equipment that is suitable for measuring high-power low-voltage circuits(500V or lower)
  • Built-in current-limiting fuse cuts off the current at 100kA to reduces the risk of arc discharge
  • Hard case included


Function Measuring range Tolerance
DCV 10/50/250/500V(4kΩ/V) ±3% of full scale
ACV 10/50/250/500V(4kΩ/V) ±3% of full scale
Resistance 2k/20k/2MΩ ±3% of arc
Frequency characteristic AC50V range or lower 40Hz to 10kHz: frequency response within ±3%
Battery R6P(AA battery)1.5Vx2
Built-in fuse F0304 Φ13x50mm 3A/600V 100kA D-type fuse F0314 Φ6.3x30mm 0.25A/250V 100A Ceramic fuse
Size/Mass H144×W96×D56mm/Approx. 395g

※The value in ( ) at DCV and ACV is input resistance