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Apply for Agency

Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd. wishes to arrange for distribution of Sanwa brand products in the countries where we have no agent. Companies interested in distribution rights in their country should prepare a proposal including the following information. Any letters without these information will not be replied to the applicant.

Required Information to Apply

Any application sent to Sanwa without those following information(15 questionaires) will not be replied.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
1. Company Name 2. Division Name 3. Your Name 4. Job Title 5. Address / Tel Number / Fax Number / E-mail Address 6. URL of your web site if available 7. Countries (Territories) wish to promote Sanwa brand products 8. History of the company, particularly related to measuring instrument distribution. If no history in this type of distribution, describe plans for entering this market. 9. Description of the market (segments, size, growth, etc.) for Sanwa brand products, including assumptions about how Sanwa brand products will be used by its customers in the territory. 10.Estimates of annual sales and inventory volume for Sanwa brand products. 11.Description of the company's sales team and marketing plans for Sanwa brand products. 12.Samples of promotional literature used by the company for similar products, if available. 13.Description of other measuring instruments the company distributes. 14.Plans for advertising Sanwa brand products in the territory. 15.Description of your warranty system, including repair and calibration for end-users.

How to get listed on our "Where to Buy" page?

If you are selling genuine sanwa products and they are imported by our authorized distributor, please send us an e-mail with your information.

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Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions.
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