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Imitation Warning

SANWA is a registered trademark of SANWA ELECTRIC INSTRUMENT CO. LTD., JAPAN.

Lately, there have been reports that SANWA products have been imitated and such imitations have the trademark "SANWA", which is similar in style, appearance same pronunciation, and lettering like the trademark SANWA.
Because of this similarity, the general consumer public has been deceived and mislead into believing that those imitated meters and SANWA are one and the same thus causing great prejudice to SANWA ELECTRIC INSTRUMENT CO. LTD.

The public is hereby warned that multitester (multimeter) products bearing the trademark "SUNWA," "SANWA - DAGATRON" from China, and "SANWA - INDIA" from India are just imitations of the same products, or using the similar (or the same) brand name / logo (or previous logo) of SANWA ELECTRIC INSTRUMENT CO. LTD. of Japan without any license application.

To insure you get genuine SANWA JAPAN products, please call for information : Sanwa agencies in the world.
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Sanwa Imitations

Theft of designs found in Europe and SE Asia

Newly found imitation product "Yamada"

Imitation product "Yamada" brand was found in Thailand.

The imitation product of our CD800a has been sold mainly in Thailand since beginning of the year 2009.

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