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Voltage Detector Supporters

Voltage Detector Supporter



This Voltage Detector Supporter is intended to eliminate accidents caused by an erroneous cut of a live-wire cable for a commercial power’s alternate voltage (frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz) by being attached to a manual cable cutter.

Made in JAPAN

  • Attachable to your 7 or 8 inch pliers to warn before cutting live line
  • Detectable with gloves on
  • Long battery life, Approx. 5 months of battery life in standby mode

Some pliers cannot be attached depending on the handle shape.


Voltage Detector Supporter attached


Detectable voltage level(reprensentative value) Approx. AC60 V~600 V 50Hz/60Hz
(wehn attached 7/8 inches plier handle)
Indicator Buzzer and LED
Cable type for live line detection Sheathed cable(Unshielded cable)
Powe supply LR44 1.5V x 2 pcs.
Battery life Approx. 5 months (stanby mode)
Dimensions/mass H23×W77×D13 mm / Approx.13 g

This instrument is not a voltage detector.

●This instrument is not a voltage detector, and a cutting tool with this product attached is also not a voltage detector. Never use the instrument for voltage detection. Use a commercially available voltage detector (our product model number KD2) for voltage detection.
●Do not apply a strong shock to the product body, as it may break.
●Never touch the metal part of the cutting tool on which this product is mounted to the charging part.
●Be sure to check the operation of this product with a known voltage before use.
●Since the product works with capacitive coupling, it may not be detectable depending on the condition of attaching, gripping, or surrounding environment.
●As this product works for the commercial power supply frequency (50/60Hz only), a voltage such as secondary side of an inverter can not be detected.