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	Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.	Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.


Prior to requesting repair, please check the following:

・Capacity of the built-in battery
・Polarity of installation and discontinuity of the test leads.

You are asked to provide the following information when requesting Repair/Calibration services:

1. Your name (company name), address, and contact information
2. Model name
3. Product serial number (11 digit number on the backside of each unit)
4. Before use or After use
5. Date of purchase
6. Model number
7. Description of problem (for repair purpose)
8. Video of the problem (for repair purpose)

Please contact Sanwa authorized agent/distributor/service provider in your country listed in our webpage with above (No.1~8) information.
Please follow the instruction of the Sanwa authorized agent/distributor/service provider for Repair/Calibration.