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The International Safety Standard IEC61010

This Safety Standard which is established for protecting operators and environment stipulates safety requirements for measuring instruments and electric equipment. The IEC standard defines the degree of pollution, measurement classification, barrier, material, spatial distance and creepage distance to assure safety. The impulse withstand voltage as transitional energy is estimated from the measurement category and main power

CE marking

CE marking is a safety mark which can be attached only on a product meeting the safety requirements of the Directive of Council of the European Union (EC Directive). A product attached with the CE mark is designed so as to meet the requirements of the "Low Voltage Directive" and "EMC Directive" of the EC Directive. Low Voltage Directive: This Directive covers products of power supply voltage of 50V-1000V (AC) and 75V-1500V (DC), and it defines electric safety requirements against shocks, burns, etc. The applicable standard is EN61010 corresponding to IEC1010 give on the left. EMC Directive: This Directive stipulates conditions so as not to give out strong electromagnetic waves from equipment to the outer environment and to protect equipment from the effect of electromagnetic waves from the outside.

Measurement category (overvoltage category)

The IEC standard classifies measuring circuits according to measurement categories for the safe use of a measuring instrument in low voltage facilities. The measurement categories are classified into Ⅱ to IV. A larger number of the category denotes a spot involving higher transient energy. For safe measurement, wear protective gears such as insulated gloves and dust-proof glasses in an environment of CAT.Ⅲ.

Measurement category (overvoltage category)

Measurement category Ⅳ (CAT. Ⅳ):

Equipment used for measurement in low voltage facilities
Temporary overcurrent preventer, and electric measurement on ripple control unit, etc.

Measurement category Ⅲ (CAT. Ⅲ):

Equipment used for measurement in building facilities
Distribution board, circuit breaker, wiring including cables, busbar, junction box, switch, receptacle, and industrial equipment located in fixed facilities, and other equipment such as a fixed motor connected to fixed facilities in a permanent manner.

Measurement category Ⅱ (CAT. Ⅱ):

Equipment used for measurement performed on a circuit directly connected to low voltage facilities
Measurement on electric household appliances, portable tools and similar tools