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Laser Power Meters/Environmental Meters




Stick-shaped small light sensor (window diameter 9 mm) for narrow position or area

Made in JAPAN

  • Easy-to-carry pocket size.
  • Separate, stick-shaped light sensor (window diameter 9 mm) from the main body enables measurement of a narrow position or area. The light sensor can also be integrated with the main body for measurement.
  • 4039 full-scale count with a bar graph display.
  • Improved measurement accuracy by using a silicon photodiode, which has a spectral sensitivity approximating the relative luminous efficiency specified by CIE (Commission Internationale d'Eclairage), in the light sensor.
  • Wide measuring range of 0.1 lx to 403.9 klx (403,900 lx).
  • Data hold function.
  • Auto power save function prevents wasting of battery power.


Light sensor element Si photodiode with approximated relative luminous efficiency
Dispaly Digital display: 4039 full scale
Bar graph display: 41-segment display
Sampling rate Digital display: Approx. 3 times/sec.
Bar graph display: Approx. 30 times/sec.
Ranges 400 lx range: 0.1 lx to 403.9 lx
4000 lx range: 1 lx to 4039 lx
40 klx range: 0.01 klx to 40.39 klx
400 klx range: 0.1 klx to 403.9 klx
Relative spectral sensitivity Approximating the standard luminous efficiency
Power supply LR44 1.5V×2
Size/Mass 117(H)×76(W)×18(D)mm / approx. 120 grams
Light sensor probe 84(H)×16(W)×10(D) mm
Light sensor probe Aprox. 0.9 m
Accessories Instruction manual x 1